The benefits of our campaign:

  • Increased economic, health and emotional wellbeing due to fewer deaths and injuries; 
  • More choice in transport mode due to the perception that cycling is safe; 
  • Reduced taxpayer costs from deaths and serious injuries; 
  • Improved attitudes of people who cycle and of heavy vehicle drivers.
Seeing what a truck/bus driver can/can not see will shock you however knowledge is power....once you experience this for yourselves, you then KNOW what to do/not to do!
— Roz Chadwick, Cyclist, Hamilton

Read more about our strategies:

Driver and Manager Workshops

Share the Road offers a variety of workshop types for those involved with heavy vehicles for drivers, and for their managers and trainers.

Cyclist Workshops

CAN Share the road workshops equip people round NZ with the knowledge and skills to safely use their bikes for day-to-day trips, even where larger vehicles are encountered.

Blind Zone Workshops and Demonstrations

Awareness of the blind zones that heavy vehicles have is critical for road users, but often poorly understood by cyclists - and drivers.

Presentations + meetings

Listening to our stakeholders and others while sharing our messages is a crucial part of our work.