Benefits of our activities:

  • Increased economic, health and emotional wellbeing due to fewer deaths and injuries; 
  • More choice in transport mode due to the perception that cycling is safe; 
  • Reduced taxpayer costs from deaths and serious injuries; 
  • Improved attitudes of people who cycle and of heavy vehicle drivers.
Seeing what a truck/bus driver can/can not see will shock you however knowledge is power....once you experience this for yourselves, you then KNOW what to do/not to do!
— Roz Chadwick, Cyclist, Hamilton

We run three kinds of activities:

Driver and Manager Workshops

Share the Road offers a variety of workshop types for those involved with heavy vehicles for drivers, and for their managers and trainers.

Cyclist Workshops + Blind zone events

CAN Share the road workshops equip people round NZ with the knowledge and skills to safely use their bikes for day-to-day trips, even where larger vehicles are encountered.

Presentations + meetings

Listening to our stakeholders and others while sharing our messages is a crucial part of our work.