Driver and Manager Workshops


Half-Day Driver Workshops

Our half-day workshops allow time for an in-depth experience that has been shown to improve driver safety and attitudes.

Workshops begin by recalling a past professional driving incident that comes to mind involving people on bikes. With those encounters in mind the participants take part in a number of exercises that provide first-hand experience of what it is like to be on a bicycle.

The first exercise unpacks the impact of what speed and difference in mass feels like when being followed on a bicycle.

The next enables the drivers to understand why cyclists position themselves out from the curb or parked cars.

Thirdly, a carefully organised activity involves participants lining up alongside the road and being passed at a safe distance by a heavy vehicle. The passing distance is measured and discussed.

These activities are followed by a light lunch. The incidents recalled at the beginning of the workshop are then discussed in the light of having been on road, on a bicycle.


All workshops are facilitated and supported by qualified instructors. Participants' ability to safely control a bicycle is assessed before biking on road but help's provided if required.

Each participant receives a certificate once successfully completing the workshop.

See here for a typical Half-Day Workshop timetable.

Duration: Typically workshops run from 10:00am to around 1:30pm and are free of charge -including lunch.

Capacity: 12 drivers 


Manager/Trainer Workshops

These are very similar to the Driver workshops, the difference being that the participants will focus on generic rather than specific issues. Instead of recalling incidents they were involved in, the discussion will revolve around common problems. After going through the same exercises as mentioned above in the Driver workshops, time will be spent on strategic planning. This could involve looking at in house training, black spots, working with cycling clubs etc.

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Capacity: 12 managers or trainers


Site Workshops

These are like the Driver workshops, the difference being that a larger group can be catered for. The three activities run simultaneously with three groups of 12 rotating around the workshop area. The whole group attends the preliminary session and post workshop lunch/afternoon tea.

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Capacity: 36 drivers and/ or managers/ trainers


Dawn Workshop

Again, this workshop is like the Driver Workshop, but with no indoor session before or after the outdoor activities. Everything is covered during the activities. Morning Tea/Lunch etc are available after the workshop if requested.

Duration: Often 6:00am until 7:30 or 8:00, leaving staff available for work, but can be held any time of day

Capacity: 12 drivers


Toolbox Workshop

Designed to be held at company staff meetings which might be monthly. This is often the only time the drivers are off the road and together. The same exercises are done using bird's eye-view banners of a full-size car, bicycle and truck cab in a warehouse or yard. The participants do not go for a ride outside the yard, but bicycles will be available for those interested in riding in the yard.

Duration: 30 minutes

Capacity: 25 staff


One on Two Workshop

Some transport sectors cannot release big groups of drivers. This workshop caters for two to three participants at a time covering the same ground as the Driver Workshop. The instructor can repeat the workshop throughout the day (or over several days) to get through the drivers on a site.

Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 6 drivers depending on schedule

‘Definitely made me more aware when I was standing there and the truck went past’
— Phil, driver safety manager, Invercargill
It made me take a look at myself. I’m a better driver around cyclists now, I used not slow down but now I’m even slower & I assess if I’m ok to pass.
— Bus Driver, Nelson

Our three safety messages for drivers

  • Driving behind a cyclist? Leave plenty of space
  • Cyclists ride further out from the kerb and parked cars because it’s safer
  • When you pass a cyclist, leave a buffer of space between you

To register

To register for a workshop, please click here. You can also download the Word form here, and email it to Campaign Manager Richard Barter 

For information about specific workshops, please call Workshop Facilitator Julian Hulls on 021 154 7371 or email

For booking new workshops or general enquiries, call or email Richard: 021 277 1213 or