Driver and Manager Workshops

It made me take a look at myself. I’m a better driver around cyclists now, I used not slow down but now I’m even slower & I assess if I’m ok to pass.
— Bus Driver, Nelson

All Share the Road workshops give heavy vehicle drivers an understanding of 3 insights to keep people on bikes, and other vulnerable road users, safe. Our videos give some ideas of what drivers can expect to get out of a workshop. The key insights are:

  • Driving behind a cyclist? Leave plenty of space
  • Cyclists ride further out from the kerb and parked cars because it’s safer
  • When you pass a cyclist, leave a buffer of space between you

We run workshops with complimentary messages for people on bikes so that they stay safe when they are near heavy vehicles

We offer a range of workshop formats:

Driver- Full Workshop

Time 4 hours

Capacity 12

Candidate is ideally drivers who report many near misses with people on bikes. A mixture of classroom and on bike learning

See here for a typical Half-Day Workshop timetable.

Driver- On-bike workshop

Time 2 hours

Capacity 12

Candidate majority of drivers and is our most frequently run workshop. Run entirely on bike.


Driver- Toolbox Workshop

Time 0.5 hours

Capacity 30

Candidate is typically a driver taking part in a large group meeting where time is short. Toolbox workshops for drivers are run in a yard or warehouse only, rather than on the road.


Driver Trainer - Train the Trainer Toolbox Workshop

Time 3 hours and follow-up observation and feedback


Candidate is an existing driver trainer.

Train the Trainer workshops include an explanation and demonstration, as well as a chance to practice and receive feedback on how to deliver the Driver - Toolbox workshop. 

These workshops are based in the classroom and yard only, rather than on the road. Additional support is offered when driver trainers deliver first Toolbox workshops direct to drivers.

‘Definitely made me more aware when I was standing there and the truck went past’
— Phil, driver safety manager, Invercargill
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More information

We are able to offer flexible delivery times and locations, to meet your company's operational needs. Contact Campaign Manager Richard Barter on on 021 2771213 or for additional information and to book a workshop now.

If you have already secured a workshop for your company you can register individual drivers here-