Rider Workshops

‘...I really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed the truck part, it was a wonderful insight to how little they see!! Thank you to CAN and NZTA for putting the workshop on, well worthwhile and I have had some great feedback from 2 others that were there. Would love to get it back in the Bay again next year.’
— Lyndal, Hawkes Bay

Share the Road workshops give people on bikes 3 key insights to stay safe when riding on roads where they may meet heavy vehicles. Our videos give an idea of what people on bikes can expect to get out of a workshop. 

    Our key messages are

    • Keep control of your bike and the situation.
    • Ride to be seen and predictable.
    • Choose safe routes.
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    We run workshops with complimentary messages for heavy vehicle drivers so that they better understand the way people on bikes behave

    We offer several workshop formats for riders:

    Rider - Full workshop

    Time 3 hours

    Capacity 12

    Candidate has typically had no other cycle skills lessons and is only confident using quiet roads and paths.

    These workshops are run on-bike, on the road, with a stationary heavy vehicle used to demonstrate key principles

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    Rider - Blindzone Workshops

    Time 0.5 hours

    Capacity 12

    Candidate is competent and confident using most roads, or intends to take part in an advanced cycle skills lesson run by another provider.

    These workshops are run with a stationary heavy vehicle to demonstrate key principles.

    Rider - Blindzone demonstration

    Time 0.2 hours

    Capacity unlimited

    Candidate is at a large gathering like a community ride or bike race.

    These events are run with a stationary heavy vehicle to demonstrate key principles.

    More Information

    We are able to offer flexible delivery time and location to meet riders' needs. Contact Campaign Manager Richard Barter for additional information and to book a workshop now. If you have already secured a workshop for riders in your area they can register here-

    I found the course interesting and the topics very relevant and came away examining several aspects of my own riding style… certain aspects of riding such as positioning on the road, signalling clearly and riding confidently, establishing eye contact and checking behind regularly etc are sending messages to other road uses. The messages are I’m a vehicle and I’m behaving like one, and importantly I know what I’m doing.
    — Gavin, experienced cyclist, Hawkes Bay

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